first shower and a surprise

Wow, I'm feeling so blessed today!  I had my first bridal shower and it was a blast!  It was really fun getting to meet even more of David's friends and family as they came together to celebrate our big day! I will post some pictures later this week! 

Tonight, David and I ended my spring break by trying a new restaurant for supper.  Hubee D's just moved into the heart of 5 points.  We picked it because they serve grilled chicken tenders (for my diet), but when we got there, I just ended up eating some boiled peanuts.  David (being a wing fanatic) was excited to try what they had to offer!  Pictured below is just a few of the different sauces they had that David used!  We enjoyed the atmosphere as well!
A few weeks ago I received an amazing surprise in the mail!  It came at the end of a really hard week and was a serious blessing in disguise!  My close friend and former college roommate, Alana Karl had found something I posted on a Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday, had it monogrammed with my new initials and mailed to me!  Alana and her husband Justin work for Campus Crusade for Christ at The University of Alabama.  Seriously, they are two of the most amazing people you could ever know!

Now I know, I know that you aren't supposed to use your new initials until after the wedding.  But I just could resist with this cute present!  So I took it to the beach and grabbed a picture, specifically for this blog post!  Thank you Alana for such a special gift!
I hope you have all had a great weekend!  I am most certainly well rested.  There are officially 20 school days left on the calendar now!  And let's just say, that's a lot of World History to cover!

Have a happy Monday!!

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  1. What a great post! I think many of your readers would be interested in a post on what your favorite gift at your shower was (and who gave it to you). Just an idea for your blog!