He got up

Jesus gave his life for us! How wonderful it is to be able to celebrate Him! I've included some of my favorite worship songs on a MixPod below! I hope you enjoy them! I'll never forget when we would travel to my gramma's house in middle south Georgia for Easter. The Easter bunny always seemed to find us there. But more importantly, I can remember the sunrise service we went to, as well as, many other services. One year, her pastor's theme was simply, "He got up!" And well, I think that says it all. Jesus got up and since then, has rescued each of us :)

So Easter isn't just about the cute bunny we see on every corner...

It's about the cross...

And it wouldn't be Easter if I didn't say that using pictures of cupcakes! haha But seriously, what a cute idea with the crosses, right? I'm also really looking forward to teaching my kids about the resurrection one day using resurrection rolls! I mean, how cute is that! The kids just think the marshmallow vanishes!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Please let me know if you have any neat Easter traditions like resurrection rolls!

"Christ has died and
Christ is risen,
and Christ will come again

Celebrate his death and rising
Lift your eyes, proclaim his coming
Celebrate his death and rising
Lift you eyes, lift your eyes"
-Charlie Hall

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