the end

we decided that since its was a bye weekend for georgia football AND the end of my fall break...
we'd celebrate this BEAUTIFUL weather AND the leaves turning BEAUTIFUL colors...
with a trip to the mountains!

we accomplished the four things on our list for a fall trip to the mountains (plus many more!)
- get a pumpkin
- pick apples
- eat boiled peanuts
- bring home a souvenir

we picked the perfect weekend, because the apple festival was in full swing!
our first stop was Burt's Pumpkin Farm!
 Indian Corn!
 Precious mini pumpkins!
With our pumpkin!! (We also got a smaller one!)

After the pumpkin farm, we headed to pick apples!
I wish I had more pictures of this, but we were searching so hard for apples I forgot!
 That would be my husband up in the trees getting us the most perfect apples!
And here are all 27 of them cleaned!
We are in the market for healthy apple recipes.
Let me know if you have any, or want an apple!
Then we got hungry for lunch! So of course, we ate BBQ!
The place we at lunch at is famous for their fried pies, so David got us two to try, strawberry and peach!
Then boiled peanuts on the way home :)
And for our souvenir?
We bought a beautiful log with candles in it for our coffee table!
So here is everything we brought home today...
   We got one large pumpkin and one small pumpkin!
Some mild chow chow and scuppernong jelly.
And lastly, some muscadine bread (which David has already fallen in love with)!

We did pretty well for our fall day of fun!
But now it's time for me to go back to work...
And also time for me to enter grades... while I watch REVENGE :) :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend/fall break/Sunday!

Love, Court

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