road trip

David and I got up really early to head to Asheville on the 30th! We wanted to make several stops along the way and bypass some closed roads in the process.
And.... We saw TONS of snow ❄❄❄ and this Georgia girl just had to go play in it!
David let me jam out to 90s (the only thing I listen to) almost the whole way. My favorites you ask? Every song written during the 1990's. Anything Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, ALL boy bands, TLC, and Coolio just to name a few.

Confession: in high school, I named my tennis racket Rainmaker. Mostly, because I was obsessed with the song Real World by Matchbox Twenty. I told David about it in the car today, we had a good laugh. Instead of Coach Dove, maybe I'll have my tennis team call me Rainmaker. (Seriously kidding!!)

On our first night we dined at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Every time we mentioned going to Asheville, it was recommended to us that we eat there. It lived up to the expectations. The biscuit and honey was such a yummy start to the meal. I had "fried" chicken in nut flour and nuts(GF) it was amazing! And after our waiter went on about how famous their Brown Butter Pecan Pie was... well, we had to try it.
And he was right.... It was AMAZING!
We shared one piece, but we were wishing we hadn't!

David and I spent all of the 31st touring the Biltmore, Biltmore village, and downtown Asheville!
I had not been to the Biltmore since 2000 and David had never been, so we were soaking it all in!  It was gorgeous!  They were still decorated for Christmas and it was beautiful.  We went back for the Candlelight Tour.  All of the fire places and candles were lit, it was amazing.
Outside the Biltmore with the beautiful view!!
In front of the Biltmore, about to go in!
In the Biltmore conservatory!
We ate our New Year's Eve dinner at Cedric's in the Biltmore.  Cedric was the family dog that lived there.  I even got a picture with him...err...his statue.
And we couldn't leave sweet Hazel without bringing her back a yummy treat!
We went to Three Dog Bakery and picked up some treats that she absolutely LOVES!

She actually helped me write this post... but really she just walked on my key board and erased everything, so I got to start all over!

I hope you had a wonderful New Year!  We certainly did!

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