saturday with dad

This weekend my dad came to visit!
When he got here, we went around Athens for awhile before picking David up for a UGA basketball game!  My dad had a bunch of tickets, so we took a few other people with us!
It was my FIRST UGA men's basketball game!
I had been to the women's before, and every other sporting event at UGA, but this was a first for me.
It was so fun!  
UGA beat Texas A&M and I even got to see a fight in the last few seconds!
 After the game, Dad, David and I went to try out a new BBQ place in Athens.
Pulaski Heights BBQ was definitely good and unique!  Especially the building!  So cool!  But I think that Fresh Air is still my favorite BBQ in Athens.
 Hazel was excited to see Dad!  She loves people!  Even more than other dogs most of the time!
She is getting bigger!  She weight 17.5 lbs two weeks ago, but she's still pretty small.  She is still as cuddly as ever too!
I think I've finally got my sewing machine figured out, so I'm excited to try out a few things I've pinned on my Pinterest boards for the day I got one!
Hope you are having a great weekend too!

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