School's ALMOST Out For the Summer!

I'm purely exhausted....
and it can only mean one thing....
school's ALMOST out for the summer!

While I still have to go into work some, make brand new lesson plans, learn new curriculum, and create common assessments aligned with the standards in my time off.... at least I can do it wherever I want!
Today, one of my cousins, Alex called me!  We talked about what all we were going to do this summer.  We talked about going to the pool and playing with Hazel at the dog park.  It gave me a glimpse of summer and there is no going back!  Above is a picture from Christmas (when Hazel was HALF the size she is now!)  We can't believe how fast our precious puppy has grown!
Hazel is REALLY excited about hanging out with her cousins this summer!

Thinking about summer is getting me through these long and exhausting days.  I am so excited to spend time with the hubby, my family, go on vacation, celebrate our 1 year anniversary, and the most important thing of all, GET A TAN!
 Hazel was also not very happy that I was paying attention to the computer and not her!  This last one is her begging me to play right now! So I will appease her :)

I know we are all looking forward to summer summertime!

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