see ya starbucks

Today, Hazel and I went to spend some time with Grandma!  And boy did she wear Hazel out!  My little pup has been happily sleeping ever since.  We went to lunch and came home to play with Hazel for a few hours.  Can't wait to do it some more tomorrow!  Hazel and Grandma bonded and snuggled today!
But more about that in a few, first, I NEED to tell you about how I've been starting my days!

That's right, I don't need you anymore Starbucks!
One of my doctors recommended that I get serious about drinking coffee every morning.
So what have I done?
Started drinking coffee every morning!
I've been drawn to two different coffee brands recently, Caribou and Seattle's Best. While they are both so good, I have honestly fallen in love with Caribou coffee. Yummmmmy.  My mama and I were trying to decide what the best way to inhale lots of coffee in the morning would be in the summertime.  Immediately, I knew I wanted iced coffee.  I would get too hot drinking hot coffee all the time!  So one afternoon we brewed a pot of coffee to experiment with.  And we quickly fell in love with our concoction.
We brew 12 cups of coffee at a time and chill it over night, so that it is ready to go in the morning!  
Iced Coffee
(As shown above)

16 ounces brewed coffee chilled
Splash of unsweetened almond milk to your liking
1 packet of Splenda/Truvia/Etc.
Crushed ice

Stir together and enjoy :)

This new and very easy drink has been kicking my days off in the best way!  Giving me lots of energy!  And I'm glad I had it today, because Grandma and Hazel kept me busy!  Grandma played ball with Hazel and then they snuggled! Now I have one tired puppy!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love making my own iced coffee. One of the girls at works talks about putting in a dash of vanilla extract into the coffee before cooling it.