hazel's 1st birthday + dog treat recipe

Our little princess is celebrating her 1st birthday today!
David and I continually find ourselves declaring that bringing Hazel into our lives was the best decision we have made since being married.  We got her just before Christmas this past year.  She was much smaller then, and her hair was sort of straight!  If you want to see some pictures from when we brought her home for the first time, click HERE!
Our mini goldendoodle comes in just under 30 pounds.  She loves to curl up in our laps or snuggle all night.  David jokes that she has to be close enough to us to feel our heart beat at all times.  Hazel is sweet, loving, and brilliant.  We have given her so many nicknames, but most popular--Hazey, Hazette, Hazel Bunch and Baby Girl.  We are so blessed to have this precious puppy in our lives.

So of course, I had to throw a small party for my special little one!
For quite sometime I've been wanting to attempt homemade dog treats.  But I ran out of time to get to the grocery store for some of the recipes I found online.  I knew I wanted to use peanut butter, one of Hazel's favorites.  And I came up with something that she LOVED!
Frozen Peanut Butter Dog Treat
 1/2 cup JIF peanut butter
1/3 cup 0% Fage Greek yogurt

Melt peanut butter for 45 seconds, until creamy.
Mix in greek yogurt until consistent.  
Put a little flour on your hands and ball the mixture up.
Place in cupcake wrappers and freeze overnight.
Now, let your pup enjoy!
David's parents came over to join in the puppy fun too.  Hazel got many new toys at her birthday celebration, and she was VERY happy!  Except for when I put her hat on... she wasn't a fan of that.  But she loves her new flamingo!
Happy Monday! Love Hazey!

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