the giving tree

Semester after semester the classroom supplies I have provided keep disappearing. Markers, pencils, pens, scissors, glue, computer paper and more seems to keep walking right out of my room! So I wanted to come up with a fun way to get students to bring supplies in!

I saw a similar idea on another blog and took it a step further. I painted a tree on a piece of poster board, dye cut apples out of red paper, and painted the leaves green. Then I printed out just a few supplies my classroom desperately needs.

Open House was disappointing. I had just a handful of parents come and none take an apple from my Giving Tree. Well let me tell you this.... I am so thankful for this season of sickness in my classroom! Suddenly, my students are realizing the need for tissues and other supplies. Slowly but surely, I have seen more and more apples disappearing and more and more supplies appearing. I am so thankful for the goodness some people have in their hearts! ❤

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