rest and relaxation

Rest and relaxation...

that is what this weekend was for me! It was so rejuvenating! Friday night, David and I had an impromptu date night. We went to our favorite restaurant and had some seafood and salads! Yum!

Yesterday I spent the day getting stuff done and tying up some loose ends. I also spent two hours in Hobby Lobby-I mean that place can seriously suck you in! I came up with a few projects I wanted to do from Pinterest. One is a Valentines surprise for David, so I can't share it just yet! I also got scrapbook paper and Mod Podge for the tiles I got to make coasters with! I love the ones I already made so much, I want more!

I also purchased some new pens! I'm not sure pens are as exciting to other people. However, the other teachers out there know how exciting new pens are! I just love school supplies. And the Papermate Inkjoy pen commercial got to me! I just had to have the most "stolen pen" in the world! Haha

Then again, today, I got so much done! I am so proud of myself! This morning we went to Church and are LOVING are new Sunday school class! We are in the midst of a Bible study on prayer church-wide. Last week we talked about praying for everything. Today we talked about the purpose of prayer. It was so powerful. But I'll share more about that later!

We had a Super Bowl "bowl" Party with our small group tonight and it was a lot of fun! However, I don't think anyone actually watched anything but commercials and the half-time show! Oh well! It was the perfect way to end a restful weekend. I hope yours was good too!

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