trying me

Let me just start with saying.... WHOA I need a breather! School was rough today! I keep asking myself, "were kids like this when I was in high school?" or "did I act like this in high school?" I'm sure not all that much as changed, but man- they were trying me today!

I'm so happy it's What I'm Pinteresting Wednesday! I fell like I've seen so many good things this week! I hate to limit it to just few!

First and foremost, these sounds awesome. Buy plain or vanilla yogurt, spoon some into an ice tray, stick strawberries in and freeze! What a great idea!

Orzo Pasta Salad... can you say Italian yumminess? I can!

If your a teacher, you are about to know EXACTLY why I am pinning this next one. Ever have this feeling???

For the rest of my life I will always count the points on every crown I see. Why you ask? Because of Zeta Tau Alpha.

In my future home, can I have this kitchen? With a built in bench and all? Thanks
(Guess I should ask the finance huh?)

And lastly, a little craft I'm going to try this coming weekend... making bracelets! It's so easy!! Just buy polymer clay and something sharp!

Hope you have had a great Wednesday! There is a new Modern Family and Revenge tonight! So tune in or set your DVRs!

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  1. I pinned those covered strawberries in an ice tray too! And I love the kitchen nook :)