d coke

School was much better today! Yay! However, kids can be so cruel towards one another! It's so heart breaking! But that's another post for another day!

I need to admit that I have an obsession.... one many of you probably have as well- Diet Coke. Or as I more affectionately call, it d coke. My favorite time of year is when either Publix or Kroger has their Buy 3, Get one free and their Buy 3 for $12 deal going on SIMULTANEOUSLY! It is the trifecta of amazing. It doesn't happen often, but Publix had it last week and I took part. For those non-soda drinkers, normally a 12 pack is $4.99. Can you see why I get excited now? This is a GOOD deal!

Upon trying to justify my d coke drinking habits the other day, I happened upon an article that lists additional uses for Coke!! I mean, let's take something good and make it even better, right?

So drum roll please.....

- Aging a photograph
- Cleaning pennies
- Conditioning your hair
- Settling an upset stomach
- Loosening rusty bolts
- Making BBQ sauce
- Cleaning jewelry
- Cleaning a toliet
- Cleaning a burnt pan
- Mixing with BBQ sauce to cook chicken in (thanks dad!)

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