high five for friday :)

Today I will be linking up with Lauren who blogs at From My Grey Desk! Basically, you post your five favorite things that have happened to you recently or you've seen!

First let's start with my favorite buy of the week! I absolutely LOVE spending time at Hobby Lobby. I mean, I could honestly just look at things for hours on end! Well, I have good news for all of you who love Hobby Lobby as well. They have a new section! Near the cards, you can find the Dayspring area. They have inspirational note cards, books, journals, AND mugs!! Which is why I couldn't resist this awesome buy! Introducing, my new favorite mug!

Secondly, I started the week of just right in a chat session with my BFF's! I mean it was just perfect and put me in a GREAT mood!! They don't know I took this picture (my face froze a lot). So if Maggie or Layla read this... SURPRISE! Love y'all!

One morning a week, I get to play volleyball with two girls from my team! In the off season, coaches can only work with players two at a time. It was really been fun. The girls totally make getting to work at 6:45 worth it. This picture is from the hallway my classroom is on at 6:45 this morning. It was so peaceful.

I always look forward to The Vampire Diaries and it never fails to surprise me!

And obviously the best part of the week was this commercial. Only the best Super Bowl commercial out there :)

From My Grey Desk

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