whitney houston

The past year was an emotional roller coaster for me--the good, the bad, and the sad.

On the sad note, I lost two grandparents last year--one February 10th and the other September 27th. Each of them were very near and dear to my heart. The Lord got two amazing angels last year.

Yesterday, was one year since my Grandpa joined our heavenly Father. Being a pilot in the Navy, he was buried in the Georgia National Cemetery. (I'm telling you-he was an awesome Grandpa!) I was unable to visit with my Grandma yesterday. The most recent picture I have from it was at Christmas, when they lay a fresh wreath on every grave. It is absolutely beautiful. I miss you, Grandpa.

Since I've been thinking about my Grandpa so much the last couple days, I was shocked to hear the world also lost someone influential today.... Whitney Houston. Wow, I can't believe it. I've been singing her songs my whole life, literally! So to honor her, I will post one of my favorite songs by her. Enjoy!

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