happy valentines :)

Happy Valentines everyone! I have so desperately wanted to share with you what I have been up to, but I have kept it a secret! The fiance is an avid reader of the blog and I didn't want to give away any surprises!

This year we decided to "make" gifts. I always think of the clip from FRIENDS when Monica and Chandler forget to "make the gifts". If you haven't heard about my undying love for this TV show yet... trust me, you will.

Now I stole the idea off of Pinterest, obvi. It's the 52 Reasons I Love You book! So here is my finished product!

After I finished the "What I Like About You", I started my reasons. A couple of the scrapbooking stickers I got on sale at Hobby Lobby came in handy here!

Lastly, here is a look at the entire cover and back end.

The book was definitely the fiance's favorite part, however, he loved the other things I included as well...

One thing that is not pictured is the empty Pringles can that I decorated. It said, "Once I pop, I just can't stop my love for you!" And had some more candy with phrases inside.

Overall, Valentines Day was a success. The fiance made me a really sweet gift (but that's for me to know, not ready to share it yet!)

Hope you all had a great day too!

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  1. I love those monogrammed burlap kozies. Such a great idea!