wonderful wednesday

It has been an absolutely wonderful Wednesday! Today, I had the day off of school! I did have to spend it at a professional learning conference, but the conference was AWESOME, so no complaints from this girl. PLUS, the conference was in my town so I got to sleep in and I got off earlier than normal!! Woo hoo for Wednesday! I will share some of the cool things I learned another time, because today is... What I'm Pinteresting Wednesday!

First up, can someone PLEASE teach me how to do this with my hair! My hair is perfect for it, I just need a teacher!

Another great ice cube tray idea! Pour your left over coffee into a ice cube tray each time and freeze it. Once you have enough, add your favorite flavorings (sugar, etc.) or nothing at all, blend it! Now you have a made-at-home frap!

Okay, now Pinterest is on my side. I absolutely LOVE all things burlap and monogrammed. Combine that with something to keep my Diet Coke cold while I drink it and you have won me over for life! Check out how precious these koozies are!!

"Do you know what tonight is?" That is the question I ask fiance when he has time off from law school on Wednesday nights. Modern Family is our favorite show!!!! And Phil, is of course one of my favorite characters!

And lastly, I love this bedroom. Well, everything but the bed skirt. Color stripes, no thanks. Other than that, it's simple and cute!

And I almost forgot! I'm really into steak salads these days! Doesn't this look yummy?!

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  1. I do my hair like that every day. I'm a pro.

    And another great use for the coffee ice cubes is for those warm days when you need your caffeine punch to get out of bed but you don't want hot coffee. So you fix your coffee, put it in the freezer for 5 min, then add those cubes and they won't water it down as they melt!