four day weekend friday

Today was beautiful... main reason, I had the day off!!! Woo hoo! I think teachers are happier than the students on holidays. With today off and my conference this week, I really only taught 3 days! It was a refreshingly short week! A big shout out to all the presidents that I will be thinking about on Monday while I'm sleeping in again ;)

This week I've had my students working on a Medieval Magazine. I changed the project up from what I normally do and unfortunately, did not have an example for them. I stayed up really late Wednesday night creating this masterpiece for my students as an example. (Then I totally passed if off like a former student did it!) This is the cover.

Now if you haven't tried Sparkling ICE yet, then you are seriously missing out! This zero calorie water drink has the carbonation of soda and the flavor of fruit! Yummmmmy! My favorite flavor... Lemon Lime.

What's great about having random days off? Filling them with doctors appointments.

Drove to Marietta to visit my parents :) Just before I left, I lost my phone in my apartment for an hour. I found it in the refrigerator. How do things like that happen?

Came home to my sweet daddy, who made me stir fry. Be jealous, it was yumtastic. In case you are wondering, of course its a word.

Can't wait to snuggle up here tonight and dream sweetly! Home, sweet home!

Now I'm about to watch the Office and Revenge with my dad. Hope you all had a great week as well. I'm linking up with Lauren from High Five for Friday for this post. I'm so happy the weekend is here!

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  1. Such an adorable blog! :) I'm a teacher too, and I love me some days off!

    -Laura Beth