wednesday, when huh, what day?

Friends has forever changed the way I think about the days of the week. Thanks to Joey, I'm think about Thursday, the third day already. BUT not before I tell you about Wednesday!

It's Oh How Pinteresting, Wednesday! And I have lots of pretty things to share with you. Starting with this sweet puppy dog. He wants me to own him. I just know it.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I am also SERIOUSLY digging this living room! I mean it is everything I love for a home! Neutral rustic colors and old wood. How pretty!

I'm also really in love with these patterned chairs! I mean, it just works!

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

While I do love blueberry muffins, I am really in love with the cake platter they are being served on. Presentation is key people! And this cake stand is just so cute I can't stand it!

Doesn't this bedroom just look so cozy! I think I would add some navy pillows or something to brighten it up, but just a bit! It's just so inviting!

I went shopping with my grandma this past weekend for my honeymoon! And let me just tell you, orange and salmon are the colors this season!! They are everywhere! And that is why I am loving this outfit!! The dress is so cute and they have added just a pop of color through accessories! Presh!

There is nothing I love more than anything in PURPLE!! First of all, it is my favorite color. Secondly, why should I be giving you more reasons when we all know you love it too! So, let's put something Coach and the color purple together and WAAALA, we have something beautiful!

Lastly, this is how my students are making me feel this week. Sometimes I wonder if high schoolers just think we can't see them while we are teaching. I mean seriously.

I hope you are having a good week! I have a lot more to update about... but not today!
Happy Pinteresting!


  1. Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog today. I want you to know that you're not alone, and I'm happy to talk to you any time! Feel free to e-mail me any time. You'll be in my prayers :)

  2. I love your pins. I hope you have a great weekend.