thursday, the third day

If you watched my video from yesterday, you understand the title to my post. I attribute it to Joey from Friends :) Today, I stumbled upon some pictures from the day trip to the mountains fiance and I took in January! We had so much fun! We stopped in a few small towns and looked around the shops. We also went hiking and walking on trails. On those trails, we saw some of the most BEAUTIFUL sights. A small snow and ice had just come through and we saw beautiful icicles. I found the biggest one I could get to take a picture with!

We decided to look for something to commemorate our day of fun! In one shop, we found a great deal on this beautiful fruit basket! Of course there is a lot more you can do with it. We were so excited!

We stopped by Goats on the Roof because I had never been. While it was WAY too cold for the goats to be out, we had a good time looking at all of the hillbilly paraphernalia they had for sale. Outside they had a nice fire pit that you could roast marshmallows at. Of course, I insisted David do it so I could take a picture!

We walked around several stores and spent a lot of time laughing and just have a great time. While we were in one particular store, we found the coolest puzzles EVER! Now, we aren't exactly puzzlers. Once, we bought a box of 4 and only completed half of one. BUT these puzzles are of famous portraits, or you can customize it. The best part, the pieces are in many different and familiar shapes! However, they are very expensive. Here is a link to my favorite one- Liberty Puzzles

I hope you are having a great week! Please feel free to leave a comment if you want!


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