go away go away go away stress

wow. that's all I can say. if the rest of this week is as stressful as the beginning... I just don't know what I'll do! good news is, oh how pinteresting Wednesday is here. and Pinterest ALWAYS puts me in a good mood! i'm VERY excited to be eating supper with a real life and blogger friend tonight! you can check her out at further up and farther in.

obviously, i'm on a health food kick. and like I've said before, I love turning healthy foods into the healthy version of things I love. i mean, cheesy potatoes are awesome. so why not have cheesy spaghetti squash? spaghetti squash is something I'm really looking forward to working with in the future.

yesterday, I was doing a little magazine reading and Cosmo informed me that pastels are in this year. especially two solid pastel colors together. then I saw this on pinterest and thought... pinterest can predict the future too.

spring is here and summer is coming. doesn't a picnic sound so appetizing?

do I love this jacket? duh!

can I have this purse? pretty please?

and lastly, something I want to conquer in the kitchen. asian lettuce wraps.

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