the quiche has risen

My new diet has tested me to try new things! I have a list of recipes I'm itching to try. However, I need a food processor for most of them. Maybe soon?! But tonight, I'm baking a crustless quiche for me and my man. He's super pumped because it's all protein, and I'm excited because it has less than 2 carbs, no sugar, and almost no fat! Way to go me! I even took a picture of my excitement!!

David seriously had to talk me into waiting on the quiche to finish. I wanted to check it every five minutes. What I haven't told you yet is that my man, he can cook! Now, he hasn't been able to cook as often as he wants since he's been in law school. But he definitely enjoys helping me in the kitchen.

And waaaalaaaaa, the final product!

It was so yummy!! Since it was crustless, I took the advice of my friend Sarah and used turkey bacon around the edges to give it that crunchy crusty feeling. THANK YOU SARAH! It was amazing!

Hope you had a great week and are having a wonderful Sunday!

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