high five for friday

Friday is finally here! I had a short week, so I don't have much room to complain. But nonetheless, very ready for the weekend!

I went home for the long weekend. My parents and I did a lot of wedding planning, shopping, and catching up. It was fun. I also got to catch up with this little rascal... only the most precious looking puppy (cough...6 pound dog) ever.

My mama and I ate dinner at Gabriel's! YUM! If you are from Marietta, you know what I'm talking about. Gabriel is Paula Deen's cousin, and trust me, her food is just as yummy! I remember when Gabriel's was just a dessert shop and we would pick up cream de mente brownies for special occasions.

Ate Thompson Brothers BBQ Chicken with my mama and dad. It was YUMMY.

Visited the eye doctor this week. I had the joy of getting my eyes dilated. Let's just say that since I've been doing it about every three months, I'm a pro.

We picked out and ordered tuxes this week :) June 16th gets closer by the day!

Tonight, David and I went on a dinner date to Five Star Day and walked around North Campus. We couldn't believe it, but the UGA Chapel was open! So we went in. I mean, why not? We are so excited! Only 92 more days!

All in all, it was a great week! Looking forward to getting crafty this weekend!
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