THE wedding DAY!

While I don't have any professional pictures from the wedding yet, I do have a collection of a few that were taken from various family members!  I'm so glad they were able to capture some of my favorite moments.  David and I loved looking at all of the pictures on Facebook and the ones that people sent my parents!  They were a wonderful surprise!

Our wedding day was more than we could have ever imagined!  We planned the wedding to include many different aspects of us, but mostly, we wanted it to reflect our love for Christ and one another.  We wanted our wedding service to be one that honored and celebrated God for all that He has done for us.
With my amazing bridesmaids at my brunch!

Reading my love letter my new husband wrote me.  It was accompanied by a new Bible with my new name on it!
Our amazing wedding party on the stairs of UGA's Chapel!  This was right after David and I had our first look!  It was truly one of the most special moments of my life!
My beautiful flower girls and ring bearer! The best cousins I could ask for!
With my dad pre-ceremony!
During the ceremony! I will put up professional pictures when I get them!
Our favors!  "Pour your peanuts in your Coke, just like Southern folk!" An old Southern tradition!
 Our first dance :) to Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

David and I cutting my gorgeous cake! It turned out better than I could have ever dreamed!  Every other layer was Strawberry or Spanish Lemon!  Thank you Cecilia's!
 And now for the getaway! We ran out under a sparkler lit sky and drove off in a red Model A!  It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

There are a lot of pictures.  I mean a lot.  And I haven't even seen the professional ones yet!  I will definitely be sharing more with you.  However, for the time being I have limited internet access!  I will do my best!

Husband and I are now enjoying getting into a regular routine.  It's amazing how you can fall more and more in love with someone every day!

Honeymoon pictures coming soon! Mexico was amazing!

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