Chef Courtney

Just before my wedding, I wrote about my cooking first meal as a wife. Well, it has taken some time, lots of moving and lots of traveling has prevented it from occurring before this week.

However! I have exciting news! I did t! And it was SO YUMMY!!!! First of all, my goal was to create a meal that I could enjoy without thinking about carbs and sugar. Check. Defeating insulin resistance one day at a time!

We had artichoke and parm stuffed chicken, zucchini parm, and mashed cauliflower. It was so good! David said the mashed cauliflower was better than mashed potatoes! I threw some cheese in them and they were unbelievable! And let me just go ahead and put this out there.... I'M A REALY GOOD COOK!!! I'm trying not to let my head get too big, but I have been really successful this week! I even perfected a guacamole (my new love) recipe!

I'm always looking for alternative foods and recipes to replace carbs. Do you know of any I can try?

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