New Look!

Surprise! My blog got a facelift! I've been wanting to design my own layout for awhile now and finally got the motivation to sit down and do it!  I hope you like the new look :)  I'm not quite done yet, so you might see me making small changes over time as I learn more and more about the html world!

This week has been full of craziness!  I'm watching my favorite twins and their brother this week and driving to a volleyball tournament at night.  All while doing some research and trying to study.
Aren't they the cutest? I hope they never grow old.  This is one of my favorite shots from the wedding!  You might be saying, this looks like a professional picture?  Well it is!  My pictures are here!!!  And we LOVE them!!!!  I will share a few more with you today, but the rest I will put on Facebook!  I'll provide a link when I post them!  However, my photographer posted an album and you can check them out here!
David and I had a good looking wedding party!  Everyone helped make our wedding day so special and perfect!
 Our wedding party in front of the chapel!  Aren't they so pretty!?  My florist was amazing and made the gorgeous wreaths on the doors and the ones my flower girls carried!
 Our wedding party in front of the Herty Field fountain!
 Walking back from Herty Field with my husband!
 My BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids! I was so happy with the way everything came together! Their flowers, the dresses, the it!

Overall, the wedding was everything I could have imagined and more!

I'm off to Lego Land with my three cousins! They tell me I get to ride a roller coaster today! It's been awhile!

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