half way!

I'm half way through the week and almost feeling better!  Trying to get these sick days behind me!
After watching my volleyball team win a tournament this past weekend, I knew it would be a good week!  I'm excited to share with you what I've been looking at on Pinterest and a few things I'm loving this week!

First, I have fallen in love with a new comedy!  Now let me set the record straight... nothing will ever replace my beloved FRIENDS.  But I'm seriously into How I Met Your Mother!  I just think it's hilarious.  Love it.
I am loving.... my new washer and dryer!  We've been needing them for awhile now and were really blessed to get them this past week! Woohoo to laundry!

I am loving.... my volleyball team!  They have really been listening to me and improving!  My mama and grandma are coming to watch them tomorrow night!

Over on Pinterest, I have been oooing and awwwing over puppies!  That's right, I have PUPPY FEVER!!!!  They are so cute though!  David and I really want one.  You can be sure that the day it happens, I will probably begin posting an obnoxious amount of puppy pictures!

My BFF Maggie and I starting making arts and crafts together a long time ago.  And we've made A LOT of things.  But one of my favorite go-to projects that Maggie taught me how to make are coasters!  When I saw these, I knew I would have to make them!  Stain-glass coasters!  So cute!
Now that I've become quite the cook (if I do say so myself), I've been desiring a beautiful kitchen in the future.  This is one of many I've picked out.  I absolutely love everything about this kitchen.  The colors, rustic look, tile, hanging lamps, stools...it just all comes together so perfectly.
I can't WAIT for fall!  It is beyond my favorite season!  AND I LOVE roasting pumpkin seeds :)
I am definitely going to need to get one of these for my wall when I have kids!  So cute! To keep up with their growth measurements!
 Lately, David and I have really been into broiling tomatoes with seasonings and parm on top.  Excellent side to any dish.  YUM!

I love the simple reminders I see on Pinterest about how much God loves us.

I hope you are having a GREAT week so far!  What are you pinning?

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