I Did It!!!

I made the cauliflower pizza!!! It was so good (and easy)!  David is never skeptical when I tell him about my cooking ambitions.  But when I said, cauliflower pizza crust, I knew he was wondering how it would taste (as was I), it sounds weird!  However, we loved it!  It tasted just like pizza!
All that went into the crust was cauliflower, 1 egg, and seasoning!  First, I turned my cauliflower head into "rice" via my favorite kitchen appliance, the food processor.  I then steamed it on the stove.  Make sure you pat out all of the moisture afterwards.

Once I mixed the ingredients together, I patted out my crust and baked it at 450 for 30 minutes, or until you've reached the crispiness that you like!  Then I turned my oven to broil, added my toppings, and put it back in for about 6 minutes.  

It was so yummy!  I will definitely be making this dish for us again!
Just like real pizza, but gluten free/no carb!

Have you tried cauliflower pizza? What are your thoughts?

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  1. We've made mashed cauliflower and with the right ingredients it seriously tastes pretty darn close to mashed potatoes. Definitely something we'll be making again and again! Now I have to my hand at cauliflower pizza!