all things fall!

My favorite time of year is here! FALL!
I just love EVERYTHING about fall!  Pumpkins, the air, the leaves, boots, UGA football, cool evenings, apple picking, and visiting the mountains.  It's all so perfect!
Every year, David and I take a day trip to the mountains.  We fish, hike, pick apples, eat BBQ and get a pumpkin.  It is always a perfect day :)
We've already started talking about what day we are going to go make our trip this year.  Until then, I'm pinning and planning all of the fall projects that I want to get down.
Pinterest can just be so inspiring.

I'm usually very traditional when it comes to pumpkins.  I stick to square eyes, a triangle nose, and a mouth with three, maybe four teeth.  But maybe this is the year for change?
I am loving these chevron pumpkins! 
Baking with pumpkin, yum!  My sister loves to give me a hard time about pumpkin pie.  I used to complain about how much I hated it.  To be honest, I think it's an acquired taste.  Nevertheless, I really like pumpkin pie now.  I love this cute idea for a pumpkin!  What a cute kitchen deocration!
If I've never said it before, you should know that I LOVE GLITTER.
All things glitter, sparkle, and sequin.
All things that SHINE! Yes, I love it all!
So if you tell me that I can make my pumpkin a glitter pumpkin.
It's pretty much going to happen!
Street numbers painted on pumpkins. How cute!
I will end the pumpkin obsession here, with this precious front door display! 
What a cute idea, to use them as planters!

Now I'm going to get ready to cheer on the DAWGS!!!!
It's Saturday in Athens!!

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