I love Sundays.

First, we are loving our Church.

Secondly, it is always just a good day.
I go grocery shopping.
Then make a dinner that will hopefully provide enough leftovers for three nights.

But more on that in a minute... I need to brag on my amazing hubby real quick.
He surprised me with a dozen red roses on Friday!
Work has been wearing me OUT, so it was a really great surprise! 
But back to Sunday.  Last night, I burnt FOUR fingers on a pan that I didn't know was hot.  OUCH!
 David and I have received a lot of tomatoes recently.  Which I have no qualms with, because I LOVE slicing them up, adding some mozzarella and parm, Italian seasonings, and broiling them for 3-4 minutes.  It's like summer in your mouth. 
Last night I decided to try out a snack recipe I had seen on Pinterest.   I'm not a huge edamame fan, however when I saw crispy in front of it, I knew I had to make them.
They were everything I dream they would be.  YUMMY!
All I did was shell frozen edamame, tossed them in a little oil, lots of salt and pepper, and grated parm.  400 degrees, 15 minutes. YUMMY pieces of heaven. 
Needless to say, we had a good Sunday.
I hope yours was too!

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