pinning pinning pinning

I spent part of tonight pinning, pinning, pinning, just to unwind for the day.
I am ALWAYS amazed by the awesome things I find on Pinterest.  People are so creative.  God makes each of us so perfectly unique.  Pinterest is such a cool reminder of that!

 I am obsessed with Instagram, but I always find myself wishing I had copies of my pictures.  Well now you can!  They will print them, make them magnets, and more!
 I absolutely LOVE monograms!  How cute is this casserole carrier.  Minus the Auburn colors, it is precious!  I would love to show up at a party with my dish in this cute carry!
Also, I'm going to do a DIY on a lamp in our house THIS weekend!  This lamp shade would fit in perfectly! I can't wait to get started!
I've been crushing on everyone's statement necklaces.  I'm definitely in the market for my own.  I just have to find the perfect style for me!  This one is precious!
 I've been seeing these on Pinterest.  Then I simply Googled "31 days of prayer for your husband." You wouldn't believe how many links I found.  I've got at least five months worth of different prayers to cover David with!  I'm pretty excited about it!
 Lastly, I love my husband.  He is so amazing!

What are you pinning?

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