almost there

I've almost made it to fall break!  My 15-17 hour days will finally be over!  I am SOOO ready for the break!  It is much needed.  

Its been awhile since I've linked up with Oh, How Pinteresting on a Wednesday and I'm excited to show you what all I've been eyeing!

There is some very pretty jewelry on Pinterest. 
Already has our initials on it!
Forget me not!
Lockets are so in! Love it!
I am so ready to get busy using Annie Sloan paint.  It seems like everyone I know is redoing furniture and making it look amazing!  And Annie Sloan paint seems to be the key!
If you have any tips, I would love to hear them!  Here are some of my ideas for DIY projects!
Cute end table ideas!
Love this chest!
And lastly, I saw this idea on Pinterest.  This women wrote a journal full of letters, prayers, and Bible verses to each of her children.  When they left for college, she gave their journal to them.
I really want to do this now! How special and encouraging!
And lastly, Mitt Romney is killing this debate.  What's weird is that it seems like Obama was not prepared for what Mitt was going to say?  But I will not get political on my blog.
However, Republicans and Democrats, before you ever make a claim about education again...
VISIT MY CLASSROOM.  See what it's like.  Support your teachers.  Be parents. K, thanks.

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