I've been really busy lately! Time is just flying by!
Tennis just started up and it has been fun so far!
It's an amazing feeling to be back out there.
This weekend I went by my high school.  While my tennis team went to region and state every year,  This was the year we came in first!
I went home this weekend to visit my parents for my mama's birthday!
On Saturday, they went shopping with me before the UGA/FL game.  I have been in need of a dresser and found a great deal!  Here are some pictures of my dresser (that I'm SO excited about) and my parents hanging out in the cute store we found it in.
Then we got some boiled peanuts! My favorite :)
While we were shopping, I got some awesome ideas for crafting!  I've been contemplating getting a big old shutter of sorts for above my fire place.  This small version of what I want to do inspired me to get busy!
David and I are really excited about decorating for our first Christmas as a married couple! 
I mean REALLY excited!
This small tree inspired me on so many levels.  Think about how easy this would be?!
Cute right?  I think this one was for a little girl, but there are so many possibilities!
I'm looking forward to spending my Thanksgiving break crafting!  Now if it would just get here!

I hope you are having a great Monday!


  1. Jessica has big shutters like that she clips invitations and stuff to- you could do something like that! And then you can make me a tree and other decorations while you're crafting. I'm expecting lots of decor and food from you over thanksgiving, it is my birthweek after all.

  2. I love that big shutter! I've seen them used for mail and invitations and holding flowers and photos! The possibilities are endless.