desire is the difference

Last week my tennis team had a heartbreaking loss.  The boys still have a chance to finish 1st in their region, but that one loss really got them down.  I was trying to think of a way to get their spirits up and help them continue to fight for what they really want.
I remembered when I had a tough loss in a tennis tournament one weekend, I had little confidence going into my next one.  My dad and I used to sit in his car before I would go out to play a match and listen to the same song, every time.  This time, my dad pulled a little red card out of his wallet that said, “Desire is the difference.”  He told me that the one who desires it the most would be victorious.  It would set me apart and I would have the drive I needed to succeed.  I have never let that motto leave my mind for one instant since.  Later on, my dad gifted me with that card.  It hasn't left my wallet since. (picture above)
 So I decided to stop by Hobby Lobby, pick up some red card stock, and make 10 cards for the boys.  I told them the story about my dad and how it had really helped me, not just with tennis, but in life.  The boys were really excited and it seemed to be just the inspiration they needed.

Now everyone always asks about the song we listened to.  Let's just say, we loved the Remember the Titans soundtrack.  So not only did we listen to this song, but we'd listen to the entire thing everywhere we went.  I hope you are ready to be inspired :) Here it is...

Remember the Titans: Titans Spirit (Score)

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