homemade fro-yo

Every now and again I like to make the hubs something sweet to eat, because I don't keep sweets in the house.  Since I can't eat them, it's easier just to not buy them at all.  But I like to make him a little something special every few weeks.

While shopping for healthy sweet treats on Pinterest, I ran across a recipe for Peach Fro-yo.

Um... YUM.

When I read the recipe, I told David about it immediately.  He loves ice cream and I knew it would be a hit.  On top of that, we had all of the ingredients, except the peaches.  To spare a trip to the grocery store, we decided to use some frozen mixed berries we had.  This recipe is EASY and requires very few ingredients!  We would highly recommend it and will be making it again one day (maybe with a different fruit next time?)

Mixed Berry Fro-Yo
2 1/2 cups 0% Fage Greek Yogurt
3 cups of Mixed Berries
1/4 cup Honey
Optional: A few packets of Splenda

First, put all of the ingredients in the blender and puree.
We have an automatic ice cream maker, so we put the mixture into the frozen container and turned it on for about 35 minutes.  Or as long as it takes for the puree to start stiffening.
Once the puree is stiffening, but the container in the freezer for an hour or two until frozen.

Easy?  I know right!
We are nursing our precious pup back this week.  She will officially not be having babies!  For most of this week, she has been and will be our little cone-head.  Hazel's not enjoying it too much, but she's handling it like a champ!

Hope you are having a great week!

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