saturday snuggles

The best part about Saturday mornings? Well, besides sleeping in, is snuggling with my puppy!
She is so sweet and usually very happy I'm at home for the whole day with her!
If you have personal space issues, Hazel will cure that for sure.
After my wedding, my mama generously took my bouquet back to Marietta to have it frozen, dried and framed by Forever Flowers Bouquets.  When they were ready to be put together, I went and choose a frame and background.  I am SO happy with the way it turned out!! It could not be more beautiful!  And now David and I have this beautiful reminder of the best day of our lives to look at all the time!
I've been sewing more and more lately!  Hazel has been the sole beneficiary of my crafts so far though. I went to stay with my parents for a long weekend recently.  After my mama and I picked up my bouquet, we decided to visit around Roswell, GA.  We ate lunch at Greenwoods and looked around the shops downtown.  In one of the craft stores, I saw collar covers for dogs.  They were so cute!  So I decided to try and make one.  It was so much easier than I expected.  I just made a simple one, but it turned out really cute!  And Hazel doesn't mind wearing it at all!  Next time I'd like to make the bow bigger and maybe add some other fun embellishments.  But for now she is just a doll!
I covered the button myself too!  I was really proud!
Hazel is particularly loving this Saturday morning because of the warmth of the computer.  She is also fully engaged in watching Family Matters right now too.  Have I mentioned how much our puppy LOVES watching tv?

Happy Weekend :)

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