things I'm crushin' on: SPRING edition!

Spring has finally sprung around here!
Although we've had our share of rain these days, when the sun is out, it is BEAUTIFUL!
With each new season, I try to share with you some of my new favorite things!
I had a lot to chose from, I narrowed it down to these seven items!

The last tube of mascara I bought was $20, and while it was great mascara, Maybelline's Falsies outdoes it in price and volume.  With one brush I have dramatic and full eyes!  I am not someone who has naturally dramatic eyes or great lashes, but Falsies curls my eyelashes and makes them stand out.  I absolutely LOVE this new mascara!  It has truly made my 5am mornings much better :)  I would highly recommend purchasing some!

I am seriously about to change your life.  This is the best new hair product I have tried in a long time!  It has actually made my life SIGNIFICANTLY better.  Not only does it do wonders to my hair, but it smells great!  I always apply dry shampoo immediately after blow drying my hair.  This dry shampoo literally makes my hair look brand new!  I have tried several brands and this is the best!

Making my evenings more than enjoyable every now and then are these popcicles.  The first GREAT thing about them is that they come no sugar added (meaning they still have a small amount in them).  The second GREAT thing about them is how seriously YUMMY they are.  And the third GREAT thing about them is that they are only 25 calories a pop!  I'm telling you, these are so good you hear yourself saying "yyyuuummmmm" as you have one.

This style wedge is so popular right now and why wouldn't it be!  It's so CUTE!  These Sam Edelman's come in under $70 and will make a great addition to your spring or summer wardrobe!  The best part is how versatile they are!  They could go with anything! Casual, dressy, shorts, skirts, and dresses!

Okay, so I don't have one of these (yet!), but how adorable is this.  Let's be honest here, I love anything monogrammed.  BUT this is the cutest purse!  Let's be honest one more time, everything Marly Lilly is adorable, so you can't go wrong ordering anything on the entire site!

Monogramed hats are all the rage right now.  I'm wishing I was still in undergrad so I could get a ZTA one, because they are so cute!  But what I would do for one of these beauties for the beach and around town!  It's on my wish list for sure!

All of the colors in Essie's Resort Collection are precious, but I am absolutely in love with this pop of purple.  This purple is known as Splash of Grenadine and it's sure making a splash in my life.  Purple is my absolute favorite color, so I'm glad we'll be seeing it around this season!

Well that's a wrap for what I'm crushing on this spring!  If you are interested in what I've crushed on in the past you can check them out HERE and HERE!  If you would like to purchase any of these items or some that I have mentioned in the past, use the link to the side!  Just click the picture of the product you want and have it delivered to your door :)

Have a great Wednesday!! (Half way there!)

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