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I have done a lot of preparing for the new school year this summer.  Every now and then, I do or see something that inspires me to create a lesson or activity.  But more than refining my lesson plans and preparing to get my classroom organized, I am teaching a new subject this year!  And don't you know that Pinterest is the best place to get new ideas! There are only two weeks left of summer, so it's time to organize my thoughts!

Everyone wants to start the year with a get-to-know you game or activity.  I think I've used a different one every semester!  But with shorter semesters this year, I try to think of something that is less time consuming, but still gives me the most information about them.  So far, I'm really liking both of these ideas.  I could have the students start it in class and finish it for homework!
Source: Teaching Madness
I also really like the idea of incorporating current technology into the classroom through different methods.  The students are always on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram, so why not figure out a way to make history relevant to them, right?
Source: Integrating Tech
Inevitably there is always a handful of students per class that do exactly what they are supposed to all the time and do a good job.  Sometimes its difficult to have enough extension work (extenstion work is for students who work far ahead of others).  This year we are implementing some new common core literacy standards.  I love this idea.  Of course this teacher uses it with smaller children, but I could EASILY upgrade this for my students!  She has several notebooks with different writing prompts on the front of each.  Students write responses in one when they finish early!  What a great way to keep students engaged!  She also has a lot more really great ideas such as this review game, I could easily do this with history or government!  When kids have fun they learn!
Source: A Love for Teaching
As a teacher, you are always trying to think of ways to evaluate your student's understanding.  Sometimes it can be really difficult if I'm trying to do a silent activity with the students and their hands start flying up and they are asking each other questions (especially when I really want them to be thinking for themselves!)  Last year, I tried a red card, green card system.  Early on, the cards were lost or damaged (even though they were laminated!)  But I really like this idea!  I know it is made for an elementary classroom, but I could definitely upgrade it for my high schoolers.  Even put a couple 3m hooks on the wall to keep them safe with!
Source: A Teacher's Wonderland
I love this idea as a warm up or summarizing activity.  For my 11th graders, we could read something and each of them could place a sticky note on the light bulb to get conversations flowing at the beginning of class.  Especially in government, when I really want students to be thinking for themselves and developing their own ideas about the world.
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These are just a few of the new ideas I will be implementing in my classroom this year!  I'm looking forward to getting started and seeing how they work.  I can't believe pre-planning is just around the corner!

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  1. Looks like fun! I am getting ideas down for my classroom and procedures, too! I begin teaching PreK this fall! YAY! Enjoy!