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Every Saturday morning David or I wake up and scramble eggs.  With me eating breakfast SO EARLY during the week and him being a law student, we both have to eat quickly and sometimes on-the-go.  So the weekends are a huge treat, scrambled eggs and coffee from a real mug usually on our porch!

Last week, my cousin Tommy came to visit.  He taught me something that many others may already know about, but was foreign to me...
microwaving eggs!

In just 40 seconds, you will have a egg over well.  By reducing the seconds you could have an egg over easy or medium.  Let me just tell you--this was revolutionary for me.  Eating low-carb is really hard to do at breakfast time.  My options are limited.  I have relied mostly on different types of low-carb bars to get me by.  But although I am a serious creature of habit, I do get tired of those after awhile.  And now, I have another option!

Our family dog, Charley is getting older and more picky about food.  And she went through a canadian bacon phase.  Well one morning my mama had the brilliant idea that we should recreate the Egg White Delight that McDonald's has just come out with, using Tommy's microwavable egg method and no bread!  A DELICIOUS new low-carb breakfast option!

Egg White Delicious
Serving Size 1

2 egg whites
1 piece of low-sodium canadian bacon
1 piece of cheese (we use colby jack)

In a small bowl, microwave 2 egg whites covered with press and seal wrap or saran wrap for 40 seconds.  In a skillet, heat up a piece of canadian bacon.  It usually just needs to be heated for about two minutes per side.  Once the eggs and bacon are cooked, transfer them to a plate.  Eggs on bottom, then bacon and cheese.  Put back in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.

Enjoy with a nice iced coffee!

What low-carb options do you eat for a quick breakfast?

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