honey mustard green beans

Fall is here, and we are busier than ever!  It seems like there is constantly something going on!  Finding time to sit down and eat dinner together has been a challenge.  And most of the time, we need to eat something that is quick and easy to make.  It can get old eating frozen or canned green beans all of the time.  So I set out to find a yummy way to get them that is just a little different.  I think you will really enjoy these.  They have a lot of good flavor!
 Honey Mustard Green Beans
 1 package of steam in bag green beans 
2 tbsp honey
3 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tsp mustard seeds
Steam green beans in microwave.  Usually takes about 3 minutes.  While they are steaming, heat up skillet and roast mustard seeds for about 1-2 minutes.  Make sure you move them around so they do not burn.  Stir honey and vinegar in skillet with mustard seeds.  Stir until it becomes fluid.  Toss green beans in the skillet and until they are covered in the mixture.

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