todays things vol. 3


This past weekend two of my best friends came to visit me!  We had the BEST time!  We laughed so hard and had a great time catching up.  We went to dinner and a concert together.  It was such a great time!  However, I have been totally exhausted ever since!  Still catching up on sleep!


We went to the UGA vs. LSU game this weekend!  It was the most exciting game I've ever attended in the Sanford Stadium!  I screamed until I lost my voice, cheering as loud as I could!  There was this feeling of pure joy radiating off everyone in the stadium!  We won 44-41!  It was an amazing experience.


Today, I attempted to trick my 3rd period class.  We have a little prank war going, and I am currently losing.  At the end of 2nd period, I turned all the desks turned over and stacked them against the walls.  My plan was to run up to my mailbox in the school and return just as the bell rang.  I was going to pretend like I was mad at them for turning the desks upside down and stacking them against the walls!  Unfortunately, they realized what was going on as soon as they got there.  Before I got back, they had moved all of the desks on top of, underneath, behind and all around my desk.  Guess they won this time!


October, it might just be my favorite month of the year.
The weather is perfect and everything smells of warm spices. The leaves start changing into beautiful colors.  It's just perfect.

That's all for today, just enjoying this amazing weather and season.

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