it's fall y'all!

It's finally feeling like fall around here!  I have been fall break this week.  Hence my absence from the blog!  To kick off my fall break, David and I took Hazel to an apple festival in North Georgia!  We try to go up there every year around this time, but this was her first trip.  She had a big time.  Hazel quite literally slept ALL day to recover from all of the excitement.
On our way, we stopped at Burt's Farm to find a pumpkin.  And not only did we find a pretty pumpkin, but also some butternut squash!  We decided to get a couple since we love butternut squash soup.  As expected, farm fresh butternut squash soup is yummy!
Later in the day, we went apple picking!  We picked 1 peck of apples.  It was really fun to pick them from trees ourselves.  I whipped up several loaves of apple bread for David to enjoy this week while I was gone and also to take to my family!  At the festival, Hazel made a lot of friends.  I picked out an adorable candle in a mason jar from Ellijay Candle Company.  They are made with soy and burn 45-50 hours.  I smelled all of the scents while David let some kids play with Hazel.  Then, I made David smell all of the scents all over again.  We chose Egyptian Amber.  I highly recommend you check them out.  Our house smells amazing!
We are kicking fall of right with all of these yummy recipes!  I hope you will check the soup and bread out.  We are excited about fall being here, because now eating soup feels perfect.  Sitting on the porch with Hazel is pleasant, and she enjoys standing in a breeze.

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