One Year

I'm excited to be back at blogging.  It's been exactly one year since I posted here.  There are a lot of reasons I took a year off, and it wasn't entirely planned.  I would love to tell you more about that, but not just yet.  I made a list of the top ten things that happened this year.

1. Today is our 3rd anniversary!  Woohoo!  I love you David!
2. It's almost been a year since we MOVED!  It was a LONG process due to many different life changing events happening at once, but we finally finished!
3. I started a new job!  This year I made a huge transition, high school teacher to middle school teacher.  There are things I love about both, but the world of 8th grade social studies stuck to me like glue, and I loved it.  And those sweet adorable kids.
4. Husband passed the bar!! Woohoo, real lawyer status!  He also started a new job.
5. Husband and I did a lot of renovations on my grandma's house.  It took a lot of energy and time, but we got it done!  We also revisited the last four decades through wallpaper, it was an adventure.
6. We went to a lot of UGA games... GO DAWGS!
7. Husband and I bought a truck!  Merry Christmas to David!
8. We took a couple vacations this year.  We took our new truck on a winter vacay to Asheville.  It was a much needed and refreshing break.  And at the end of the school year, we went to St. Simons for a few days for some sunshine!
9. I went to Washington, D.C. with my parents for my spring break!  We had a great time!  We did a lot of walking, taking in the monuments. David and I are headed back later this summer.  We have had a lot of fun planning our trip, now we are just ready for it to get here!
10. I joined a special new little family called OrangeTheory Fitness, and it has been an awesome new beginning.  More on that another time!
I hope you will continue following my at SimplyIndecisive.  I look forward to sharing some new things to you!

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