leap day :)

It's officially Leap Day! In my class, we took the day off from the Renaissance and talked about the history of Leap Day. We played some games and talked about things that only happen every 4 years in detail. It was really fun!

What could make a fun day even better? Well that would be Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! There are so many AMAZING things on Pinterest, obvi. However, here are just a few of my favs from this week!

First, I absolutely can't wait for Spring/Summer because I want to start getting pedicures with pretty bright colors to show off with sandals! I'm really loving this coral color!

Can I please have this fun little nook in my future home? I love the seat in the window and the wooden desk. Let's just say that it would be hard NOT to get me to spend ALL of my time there! Plus, I love the pop of color that has been added here!

Spring break is still over a month away for me, but knowing I will be beaching it up is getting me there! However, it still makes it hard not to wish I was either (a) living at this house and sitting on this porch or (b) on vacation right now!

Can I have this rug? Okay! Thanks. I just think it's adorable.

I can't wait to have kids, so that I can have an excuse to do things like THIS! Don't worry, I'm not having kids anytime soon, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the day I can freeze kool aid as ice cubes! What a fun idea!

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I hope you are having a wonderful LEAP day!!!

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  1. Oh goodness, I don't think that I could leave that room. The desk and that cozy looking chair are amazing. Love the color!