miscellany monday

What a Monday! I'm exhausted and it's only the beginning of the week. Plus, I'm fighting off a killer cold/laryngitis thing. While trying to recoup from it yesterday, I tuned into the Oscars. I'm not usually the awards show type, but lately I've been SO into it! I just has to share my favorite dresses with you! I liked a lot (and disliked a lot)! However, the six I picked below that I thought were fantastic! A couple of them took longer for me to love (like the first one black/gold). I also can't help but adore Sarah Hyland's dress (the purple-middle bottom). I love her from Modern Family and she is just so cute! And well obviously, Stacy Keibler looked fantastic in gold, but would you expect anything less from George Clooney's date?

On a more serious note, I was introduced to a new make up line recently that is raising money to end human trafficking. If you are unaware, there are more slaves today than there have ever been. When I interned at Wesley, my eyes were opened up to the rise of human trafficking in America, especially Atlanta. I was happy to hear that Passion promoted awareness and raised money this year. There are tons of websites that can help educate you more on the issue. And maybe another time I will delve even greater into it on my blog, but I wanted to share Radiant with you. If you are looking for new make up, I highly recommend getting involved in the movement.

Check Radiant out HERE!

You can check out even more about the movement and watch a video at 72 Days for Freedom. Please get informed and if you feel led, sign the petition.

And lastly, here is the music video for 27 Million. A song that was sung at Passion, but delivers a message and prayer on behalf of the enslaved.

Have a great Monday!

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