march 1

I have seriously been battling the same cold for exactly a week now. It has been a really busy week at school (morning volleyball practices, late parent night, and so many meetings!) Unfortunately, I just haven't been able to catch up with myself and defeat this cold, no matter how much vitamin C I'm taking! Needless-to-say, I'm READY for the WEEKEND!!!!

This month, I'm joining up with Fat Mum Slim to participate in a photo a day. Basically, she has made a list of things we can photograph everyday, and I share it with you by posting it here, to Instragram and Twitter. If you decide to participate, don't forget the hash tag #marchphotoaday. I intend on posting my pictures in groups (labeled of course!) However, it you want to see them daily, follow me on Twitter!

I'm really excited about it and have promised to be 100% dedicated to it!

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  1. im gonna give it a shot. I started February, then failed! I'm on instagram (and twitter, obvi) at terrieller. maybe we'll both be successful this month!