end of the year!

alright... I MADE IT!!  I made it until the end of the year!  I spent the last day of school getting my classroom organized and ready for next year!  On Pinterest and other blogs, I saw teachers cover parts of their file cabinets with scrapbook paper.  Now, at my school, you take whatever you can get your hands on, not matter how it looks!  So I decided to try this out!  And it worked out well!!  I covered the rusty top and put labels on the front!
I will miss my classroom until next year...
This weekend, David and I traveled to St. Simons for a wedding!  And wow were they lucky Beryl held off!  It was absolutely beautiful on Saturday!  It worked out perfect because it gave me an excuse to go see my good friend Sarah T!
The wedding was beautiful too!  It was outside and the temperature was perfect!  During the wedding, they had horse carriage rides going on and dancing on the lawn.  It was so fun!
Even though tropical storm Beryl wanted to stop us from having a good time, we were able to get plenty of sun!  Just before we left, we decided that even though there were 60 mph winds, we wanted one last walk on the beach.  And sure enough, we were in the background of the Weather Channel coverage of the storm for awhile!  It was pretty cool!
We had a great weekend!! Only 19 days left until the BIG day! :)

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  1. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses