oh how pinteresting: summa wedding

I've seriously been contemplating what type of new planner I want for next year.  I've been eying a Lily Pulitzer 2012-2013 planner.  BUT I'm not 100% sold on this!  If you are a teacher, you understand how important this is!
Today I have seen this little gem floating around the internet.  Upon further investigation, I found out it was a painting.  However, I'm praying, wishing, and sending good thoughts out into the universe that this will inspire someone to really make this movie.  If you know me, but at all, you know that I LOVE LOVE ABSOLUTELY UNDYINGLY LOVE everything Disney!
I've been looking for wedding do's on Pinterest!  Obviously, the best place to do that.  I can't wait for my hair trial to see what they all look like!
And if I haven't mentioned it enough... our BIG day is almost here!!!!  Everything seems to be coming together and now that school is almost out, it seems like its coming even faster!!! I'm especially looking forward to all the pictures we are going to take!
I have a few projects I want to get accomplished before the wedding!  Isn't this frame adorable?
Why is it that I just cannot get enough of this show.  I laugh every time and I've seen every episode at least 24 times.
Happy Pinteresting!

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