i'm baaaaackk!

So I took a little leave of absence from my blog.... unintentionally.

I have missed you all so much and have been fervently catching up on your bloggies!  I have been SO incredibly busy!  Wrapping up school, doing wedding things, traveling home and to Atlanta for different events, and did I say wrapping up school?  Today was our last day with the kiddos! Hallelujah! We are there until the end of the week! Then it's summasummatime!  I can't wait for a break from teenage drama and attitudes!  And I'm sure they are ready for a break from me!

When I saw this on twitter I thought, how perfect.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  I find myself repeating the words, "seriously?", "you've got to be kidding", "really?" all the time.  But then I think, I was there at one time too!  How silly it must have been!
I'm also looking forward to putting these away for at least a year!  I'm thrilled about teaching government next year! It's what I'm best at and I desperately miss getting my hands dirty in politics!
I have been reading up a STORM lately!  I've seriously finished about 6 books in three weeks.  I just can't stop!  I just finished this little number and I loved it!  I would recommend it if you are into romances!  And it is set in England!
In only 24 days I get to marry the love of my life!!!  We are getting SO excited!!!  I seriously cannot believe it's finally here!  It seems like we've been waiting forever!
I hope your week has started out great!  I promise not to neglect my blog ever again!  Love you all!
Happy Tuesday! 3 more days until the holiday weekend!

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