coming together!

I've been MIA from the blog world all week! Opps!  I've been so busy in my classroom and with volleyball! I've been making Pinterest ideas become reality, writing syllabi and lesson plans, and doing a lot of hot gluing. 
I finally got the bins I first saw at the Container Store.  Except, I found them on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Score! They are labeled for class periods.  One set is for composition books and the other for completed work.

Above is a homework bulletin board.  Where I can post weekly homework assignments.  But my favorite part about my desk area (other than how I covered the front of my desk!) is the map behind my desk.

The map was my grandfather's.  My grandma gave it to me after he passed and it has hung in my classroom since!

I divided my bulletin board into three sections.  Farthest right is a sports board.  I hang the schedules for all of the current sports seasons at the school.

The middle is for STAR work!  I got this idea from a friend on Instagram and then found it on Pinterest later.  They both inspired me to create my own!  I plan on hanging a piece of star student work on each of the stars!

Lastly, furthest left, my song inspired board (We built this city on rock and rolllll...) is for an assignment.  Each students is to bring in a picture of something that is affected by the government.  It could be paid for by the government or be under law by the Constitution.  Then we will divide them into local, state, and federal.  So that the students can gain an understanding of how government affects their lives everyday!
While decorating my classroom, Carly Rae inspired me to create this above my homework board.  I hope the kids don't think I'm cray cray.

And the last shot I have of my classroom for you today is the back.  If you look closely, you will see my grandfather's flight helmet.  It's always a big hit with the students.

The giant flag hanging on the wall was flown above the United States Capital by Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia in honor of me!  Cool right?!

Hope you had a great week! Let me know what you think of my room!