these are a few of my favorite things

I'm spending this weekend recuperating.
Seems like if my students have something, I inevitably get it as well.
But I thought I would take this time to tell you about a few of my favorite things this fall!
I truly love each of these products!  That's why I'm recommending them to YOU!
You might remember my summer edition HERE.

I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with this body wash!  It leaves my skin so smooth and silky!  It also smells incredible.  I always have a hard time finding body washes that I like.  There are several things I consider (a) hydration, (b) cleanliness, and (c) smell!  This body wash exceeds all of my expectations! I'm in love!

I am always looking for a good moisturizing lip balm with a tint.  To me, it is just as good as lip stick.  I was in the market for something in the neutral color family.  There are several different colors, but my favorite is PeachKiss (pictured above).  Not only does it give me just what I need, it smells good too!

This may be an all time favorite for the hubs and I.  In the beginning of living a gluten-free lifestyle, David and I would indulge in Mexican food every now and then.  I was in the market for some snacks to have around the house.  We tried several different types of salsa, until we found Italian Rose.  It tastes fresh, has a mild kick, and briefly satisfies our hunger.
This salsa is gluten-free and only 10 calories a serving!

Since I have been under the weather, yet again, I have been drinking Tazo Passion Herbal Tea like it's going out of style.  It's aroma is invigorating and it has smoothed my throat.
I'm definitely addicted to this warm treat!

My skin and I have been best friends lately.  She is so thankful that I'm using St. Ives now!  I've tried the mini version of several of their products sold at Target.  After one week using the mini version of this Apricot Scrub I knew I needed to invest in a bigger size.  It is the perfect mixture of exfoliation and gentleness.  My skin has been at its happy medium.  This scrub will not leave your skin dry, but it will exfoliate!  What a thought!  Needless to say, I have just embarked on a beautiful adventure with this facial scrub :)

I hope you also enjoy some of my favorites from this fall.  There are so many other products I love using every day, but I felt like these needed special recognition!
Let me know if you love them too!


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